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A business process is defined as a unit of internal behavior or collection of causally-related units of internal behavior intended to produce a defined set of products and services.

A business process describes the internal behavior performed by a business role that is required to produce a set of products and services. For a consumer the products and services are relevant and the required behavior is merely a black box, hence the designation “internal”.

In comparison to a business interaction, in which more than two business roles are (interactively) involved, only one business role is involved with a business process. However, a (complex) business process may consist of sub-processes assigned to different business roles.

There is a potential many-to-many relation between business processes and business functions. Informally speaking, processes describe some kind of “flow” of activities, whereas functions group activities according to required skills, knowledge, resources, etc.

A business process may be triggered by, or trigger, any other business behavior element (e.g., business event, business process, business function, or business interaction). A business process may access business objects. A business process may realize one or more business services and may use (internal) business services or application services. A business role or an application component may be assigned to a business process to perform this process manually or automated, respectively. The name of a business process should preferably be a verb in the simple present tense; e.g., “handle claim”.



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